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Split your train tickets to Sheffield and pay less. You still travel on the same train, at the same time and in the same seat.

Journey's to Sheffield with Split Ticket has never been easier than before. Split Ticket will get you to and from Sheffield station in no time for an affordable price.

How Does Split Tickets Work To Sheffield?

By purchasing a train ticket to Sheffield with Split Ticket, we split your ticket into two to three tickets rather than one. By doing this, it means your train ticket to Sheffield station will be a better price.
You will still travel on the same train, at the same time and in the same seat to Sheffield when splitting yout tickets just for alot cheaper.

Does My Railcard Work When Split Ticketing To Sheffield?

All nine types of Railcards work when Split Ticketing to and from Sheffield. This means you are able to get an even better discount on your train tickets to Sheffield.
When purchasing your ticket from the booking form above to Sheffield, you are able to enter your Railcard details to get that further discount on your journey to Sheffield.

Will I Be Able To Still Reserve A Seat If I Buy Split Tickets to Sheffield?

Yes you can still reserve a seat to Sheffield, although it can be a little more tricky if you buy split tickets. This is because if your journey to Sheffield has several splits, at some point your reserved seat may change even if you remain on the same train.
In rare situations you may only be able to reserve a seat for part of your journey to Wildcard.
If you will be changing trains along your journey to Wildcard you can then of course book seats on various servics you will be traveling on. This is on condition that the train operators running those services allow seat reservations.

How Can I Access Sheffield Station?

You can access Sheffield Station by bus, private vechile,taxi.
Around the Sheffield station there are bus stops meaning you can access the Sheffield station with bus.
Traveling by private vechile to Sheffield station can be done as there is onsite parking at Sheffield.
Taxi ranks can be found at the front of the Sheffield station.
There is limited bicycle storage at Sheffield station. You can travel to Sheffield station by bicycle although expect thre to not be storage at Sheffield station.

The six most recent split train ticket savings of 60% or more found by splitsave.com are:

73% Saved by splitting train tickets from Shelford to Shelford Cambs

62% Saved by splitting train tickets from Shenfield to Shenstone

68% Saved by splitting train tickets from Shepherd S Bush to Shepherds Bush

65% Saved by splitting train tickets from Shelford Cambs to Shenfield

66% Saved by splitting train tickets from Shepherds Bush to Shenstone

71% Saved by splitting train tickets from Shenstone to Shepherd S Bush

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Fast and easy booking my train tickets to Sheffield, would highly recommend to friends and family traveling on a budget.Split Ticketing has helped me save money on train tickets.

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