Split Train Tickets | How To Use

Split your train tickets and pay less. You still travel on the same train, at the same time and in the same seat.

What Is Split Ticketing?

Split ticketing means that instead of purchasing one rail ticket for your journey we help you book two or more tickets instead, covering exactly the same journey.
This means You still travel on the same train, at the same time and in the same seat just for less.
Split ticketing is ideal for thoses traveling on a budget and wanting to save money. I t benefits many people such as familys, students and pensioners.
Since 2010 train price tickets have increased significantly making split tiketing ideal for passengers looking at cheaper fares. It's a easy process with no hassle involved.The biggest discounts for split tickets tend to occur at the times of day Peak times end and Off-Peak windows open, such as the morning and evening rush hours.
A plus side to split ticketing is that you don't need to book tickets in advane to save money. You can even get savings when booking last minute around the time of departure.

What Are The bBnefits Of Split Ticketing?

Will My National Railcard Work When Buying Tickets?

All National Railcards are available to be used when split ticketing for additional saving on fares.
The National Railcards which can be used are;

Will I Be Able To Still Reserve A Seat If I Buy Split Tickets?

Yes you can still reserve a seat, although it can be a little more tricky if you buy split tickets. This is because if your journey has several splits, at some point your reserved seat may change even if you remain on the same train.
In rare situations you may only be able to reserve a seat for part of your journey to your destination.
If you will be changing trains along your journey you can then of course book seats on various servics you will be traveling on. This is on condition that the train operators running those services allow seat reservations.
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