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Norwich Railway Station is the northern terminus of the Great Eastern Main Line. Norwich Railway Station is currently managed by Greater Anglia.

Does Norwich Railway Station Have A Station Buffet?

Norwich Railway Station has a Coffee shop onsite along with, a Cold drinks vending machine, Food vending machine and a Food outlet with seating.
Please clean up after yourself when eating at Norwich Railway Station.

Can I Sit In A First Class Lounge At Norwich Railway Station With A Split Ticket?

When using a split ticket, you are still able to use a first class lounge at Norwich Railway Station if you are traveling in first class. A split ticket is still the same as a normal ticket just split into two to three tickets.
Unfortuantely, Norwich Railway Station does not have a first class lounge meaning if you have a split ticket or normal ticket you can not go to a first class lounge.

Is There A ATM At The Norwich Railway Station?

An ATM machine can be found at Norwich Railway Station by the entrance.
Norwich Railway Station provides an ATM machine so those who want to can draw out money to have on hand while trevling with SpLit Ticket.

Are There Male And Female Toilets At Norwich Railway Station?

Male and female toilets at Norwich Railway Station are located on the station concourse, adjacent to Platform 5.
An accessible toilet is available for radar key holders.

All toilets at this station are scheduled to be open at the following times:
Monday - Friday 04:30 - 23:00 Saturday 04:30 - 23:00 Sunday 06:30 - 23:00

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